Our Vision

A world where all children look forward to eating at school—and are fully nourished to reach their highest potential.

Our Mission

We “Put Child Nutrition First” by building custom, financially healthy K-12 foodservice partnerships.

We support each district as an entire team, with:
 Superior, fresh-from-scratch food
 More menu choices
 5-Star onsite support, including education and community programs to fuel healthy lives.

Our People

SFE employees are 100% focused on your success.


At SFE, we are a cross-functional team of professionals who are passionate about feeding K-12 students—without compromise.

United by integrity, intelligence and energy, SFE devotes 100% of our resources to K-12 nutrition to ensure our districts and students receive the care and attention they deserve. Our onsite employees develop close partnerships with our districts and students, bringing a collaborative, hands-on level of service that fully supports administrators and staff, and ensures the ultimate in student satisfaction.

With this approach, we grow both student participation and school revenues for our clients, allowing for a financially sustainable, truly effective school nutrition program.

Our Growth

Word is spreading on how SFE helps schools.


Still exclusively dedicated to K-12 school nutrition, SFE has expanded quickly since 2004—with more districts added each year.

“SFE is a dynamic and trend-setting service management company,” states SFE President and Chief Innovation Officer, Chef Monty Staggs. “We are proud to be a leader in revolutionizing child nutrition, with a unique, culinary platform for continued organic growth.”

As SFE programs are added across the U.S., delivering consistently high quality is priority one for us.  We will continue to lead with superior food, menu variety, onsite team support and community outreach.

Our Executive Team

We're proud of our industry-leading executive team.


We are proud to showcase our industry-leading executive team members.  They, together with our entire team of cross-functional leaders, help ensure close collaboration and strategic planning across our company– to benefit the clients and the students we serve.
Monty Staggs, President of Innovation, Culinary & Customer Development
Chef Monty Staggs, CEO
Bryan McMahon, CFO
Bryan McMahon, CFO
Jamie Hilt, CPO (Chief People Officer)
Jamie Hilt, CPO (Chief People Officer)
Chris Odom, VP of Strategic Partnerships
Chris Odom, Chief Operating Officer
Elmer McInnis, Senior VP ProcurementElmer McInnis, Senior VP Procurement
Mike Reese, VP of Business Development
Mike Reese, VP of Business Development
Sara Purphy - Marketing Director
Sara Murphy, Vice President Marketing & Communications
Allison Purmort, General Counsel
Allison Purmort, General Counsel