Fresh-from-Scratch Focus

SFE offers more freshness, flavor and visual appeal


With more than 75% of our collection of entrees made using fresh-from-scratch recipes, SFE creates the most delicious school meals of any K-12 provider.

We start with the best ingredients, sourcing locally whenever possible, and we season with herbs and spices for great taste and less sodium. We also offer the widest variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, including up to 15 salad bar items. And, we care about presentation—every meal looks as delicious as it tastes.

Fresh, flavorful food simply tastes better and is more nourishing. Our fresh-from-scratch focus ensures that all students find foods they love so they are fueled to learn.

More Menu Choices

SFE offers 3,000+ on-trend recipes


How do we get kids excited to eat at school? By serving up more on-trend menu choices than any K-12 provider.

SFE offers the widest variety of custom cuisines available, with more than 30 restaurant-inspired Culinary Concepts—each concept featuring 15-20 entrees. Then, we customize nutritionally balanced menus for every district through regular student feedback, as well as administrative input and careful research on regional preferences. To see a sampling of SFE’s on-trend culinary concepts, CLICK HERE.

With innovative cuisines and menus that change every month, rather than in boring fixed cycles, we keep school meals fresh and exciting. This keeps your students happy, well-fed and coming back for more.

"SFE's fresh-from-scratch food quality is outstanding, so that students WANT to eat at school, now… The result has been much improved participation"

Balanced Child Nutrition
& World-Class Compliance

SFE offers a better approach


SFE’s expert culinary, nutrition and regulatory support are second to none–for A+ audit results and peace of mind.

Working hand-in-hand with our registered dietitians, our chefs create menus that always meet USDA requirements.  They also provide complete ingredient and nutrition facts to ensure that parents and students with allergies and special diets can make safe, healthy choices.

Further, SFE’s world-class nutrition and compliance training processes ensure that every district, at every school campus, is audit-ready at all times. In fact, SFE clients are so well prepared for audits that not even one of them has suffered a fiscal penalty related to our programs since SFE’s founding.

Student Tastings

SFE connects students to chefs


Through regular taste testing panels, students share their feedback—and shape their school menus.

This personalized approach to student input helps our culinary team get a deeper understanding of the foods your students want, crave and love. It empowers your students, too, to decide on their own district’s menu choices throughout the school year.

Because school foodservice is all we do, our SFE foodservice experts greatly value direct student feedback. These personal interactions ensure our menu items are truly student-approved.

“We have over 3,000 menu options… including regional favorites.”
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spicy California roll

Try an SFE Recipe at Home!

One of the dishes our students have enjoyed most is our Spicy California Roll, made fresh-from-scratch every time.

They taste as delicious as they look!