Why join SFE?

Want to make a real difference for kids? Join the SFE team—and build your career with us!

SFE’s revolutionary approach to offering so much fresh-from-scratch cooking for K-12 students is fueling the success of future generations. We need teammates who share our passion for this!

At SFE, we offer rewarding careers in a wide range of functional areas, including culinary, operations, nutrition, regulatory, sales, accounting, finance and more. As SFE is growing extremely quickly, advancement opportunities abound for those willing to stretch and grow.

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Our Company Culture

Our company values unify us at SFE… and set us apart from competitors:


Culinary Excellence: We believe every child deserves the best quality food possible—without compromise, made fresh-from-scratch and presented to look as good as it tastes.

Partnership: We partner closely with our district clients, foodservice teams and communities to build custom, profitable programs that put students first.

Teamwork: We deliver excellent service by working together as one collaborative team, without barriers. Everyone matters

Innovation: We believe in creativity. We stay in tune with trends, open to new ideas and ready to lead through change.

Integrity: We are fully accountable, straight-forward and true to our word.

What is SFE Culture like?

What's your favorite part about being a Chef with SFE?

What do you need to succeed as a member of SFE’s Culinary, Nutrition and Operations team? (CNOps)

What traits make you a good fit for SFE Operations?

What We Offer

Rewarding Work—with Regular Daytime Hours and Competitive Pay/Benefits


We are committed to working with 100% of your current staff, setting them up for success with plenty of onsite support.

We take pride in working with your entire existing kitchen team to ensure a smooth transition to your new foodservice program. We listen well, knowing your staff understands your students better than anyone else does. We also bring in onsite SFE specialists to train and empower your staff in areas ranging from culinary techniques, safety, regulatory guidelines, career development and more.

Working side by side with employees, we nurture team skills, positivity and confidence. We want each team member to succeed.

Great Onboarding and Training


All new, salaried, SFE employees are enrolled in the company’s New Hire Program. In addition to providing the training needed to do the job, this proprietary, three-step program ensures new employees feel welcomed, connected and part of the SFE team.

First, we provide web-based training, group discussions and weekly video calls hosted by SFE leaders. Next, our buddy program provides each new employee with a partner to help them through the onboarding and training process, answer any questions and make them feel welcome at SFE. Finally, there are hands-on activities and projects designed to help employees be successful in their roles—and be prepared for future roles.

In addition to the New Hire program, we provide monthly safety training for our employees in the field, as well as regular compliance training to ensure our employees are exceptionally well trained on all standards of the National School Lunch Program.

Commitment to Employee Wellness


At SFE, our wellness committee, “Well with SFE,” is committed to putting you and your wellness first. We hold monthly challenges to encourage you to focus on your wellness and get rewarded!

Many employees participate in Fitbit step challenges, self-care challenges where we encourage you to take care of yourself, and even an annual charity challenge where we donate money to the winning team’s charity of choice.

“Well with SFE” sends out weekly newsletters with wellness tips that focus on nutrition, physical activity and other wellness topics. We also host “Calls to Wellness” conference meetings, featuring various experts who speak on topics such as healthy cooking, stress management and heart health. Lastly, our social media channels are updated weekly to keep you in-the-know on all things related to wellness. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, “Well with SFE” is here to support you!

A Range of Exciting Functional Roles


SFE offers exciting roles in so many functional areas where you can start or grow your career:


  • Assistant General Manager
  • General Manager
  • Sr. General Manager
  • Director of Area Operations


  • Nutrition Coordinator I
  • Nutrition Coordinator II
  • Nutrition Coordinator III
  • Manager, Child Nutrition
  • Compliance, Nutrition Standards, and Quality Assurance Roles


  • District Chef
  • Sales Support Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Regional Chef


  • Sales Operations Coordinator
  • Director of Business Development
  • Regional Director of Business Development


  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Procurement
  • Legal

Opportunities for Every Career Level


Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re a seasoned professional, there’s a place for you at SFE.

Grow with us! Our SFE recruiting team partners with universities across the United States to hire young professionals for both internships and full-time positions, and we invest in their career growth and development once they join our SFE team.

We also offer a flexible, paid management internship program that works around an intern’s class schedule. The experience exposes the intern to various aspects of K-12 foodservices management including HR, Operations, customer service, finance, marketing and more. Ideal candidates are juniors and graduating seniors.

New grads are typically hired for the following roles upon graduation: Assistant General Manager, District Chef and Nutrition Coordinator II.

Experienced grads may be qualified for more senior roles and are encouraged to apply, as well.


Diversity & Inclusion


At SFE, building strong and cohesive teams is at the heart of all we do.

Through experience, we’ve learned that diversity and inclusion is a central part of achieving team success. In fact, we have found that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds all fuel innovation, helping us to connect more closely to our district partners and the communities that we together serve. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate on basis of gender, race, ethnicity, veteran or disability status.

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