Dedicated Onsite Team

SFE engages your staff with more cross-functional, onsite experts


We are committed to working with 100% of your current staff, setting them up for success with plenty of onsite support.

We take pride in working with your entire existing kitchen team to ensure a smooth transition to your new foodservice program. We listen well, knowing your staff understands your students better than anyone else does. We also bring in onsite SFE specialists to train and empower your staff in areas ranging from culinary techniques, safety, regulatory guidelines, career development and more.

Working side by side with employees, we nurture team skills, positivity and confidence. We want each team member to succeed.

World-Class Training

SFE elevates staff with skills, pride and advancement


SFE offers employees training to succeed on the job—and well beyond.

Our culinary experts train employees on how to create and present fresh-from-scratch menu items kids love to eat. We also reinforce proper handling, storage, and other food safety procedures to ensure a safe, healthy foodservice operation that is second to none.

We pay special attention to developing the talent and interest of your staff, too, to prepare them for future career promotions—and even other opportunities within your district. We want to help your staff achieve their personal aspirations, as well as support your district in developing future, emerging leaders!

By expanding capabilities and confidence through world-class training, SFE inspires team members to learn, grow and excel.

“You have to have passion for what you do… and enjoy the difference we get to make.”

Operations, Procurement & Financial

SFE improves quality and ensures compliance


SFE’s expertise, transparency and accuracy ensure smooth, audit-ready operations.

We purchase premium-quality foods based on student preference and district needs, all while maintaining 100% compliance with state and federal regulations.

Results of SFE’s operational capabilities include less waste, optimal buying power, stellar sourcing variety and turnkey reporting that is both reliable and thorough. With SFE, you can rest assured that your program will meet all regulatory standards and stay on budget. We support your district’s success every step of the way.

Nutrition Education Support

SFE nurtures healthy habits and lifestyles


We are passionate about inspiring students to build healthy habits.

Through our interactive education programs, students build the foundations for a healthy life.  To reinforce this message at home and beyond, we also offer catering and culinary programs for parents, board members and your entire district community.

Our signature programs include:

  • “Roving Chef” interactive cooking experiences, where kids cook alongside a real Chef and learn how fresh-from-scratch cooking at home can be both healthy and delicious
  • All-family, community Thanksgiving meals
  • Farmer’s Markets, introducing new fruits and vegetables to students through display, education and sampling
  • Health Fairs
  • Nutrition classes taught by Registered Dietitians
  • Taste-testing events for the sampling of new menu dishes
  • Catering, banquets, and outdoor dining services, with all proceeds benefiting the district
  • Cooking classes for students, parents and administrators
  • Onsite “School Gardens and Composting” programs
  • Culinary Arts programs and scholarships to give students a head start on a culinary career

Strategic Innovation

SFE partners with you to keep your district on-trend…into the future


We’re investing in cutting-edge innovation today to meet the needs of your district community tomorrow.

Inventive SFE programs presently in development for our districts include the following: Faculty meal plans, mobile payment options, Mom-picked meals, all-day fresh fruit stations, pop-up concepts, team dining experiences, the implementation of more plant-based menus… and much more. Ask us more about these by arranging an SFE team visit to your school. Contact us today.

Our goal is to partner with you to identify your district’s emerging needs early-on, finding strategic and creative ways to ensure your district’s continued success over the years.

Communication Tools

SFE makes it easy to spread the word


To help you connect with your administrative leaders, students and parents, SFE offers:
  • Monthly district newsletters
  • Online menus
  • Digital cafeteria menu boards
  • Restaurant-style signage, including cutting-edge creative concepts
  • District social media support and content, including videos, photos and articles
  • Special event certificates and take-home materials
  • Back-to-school mailers and flyers
  • Special promotions to encourage student participation
  • Community event signage and communication
  • Program scorecards

We make it easy to share menus and build community excitement for your program!

We're here to help. Reach out.