Leadership Team

Elmer McInnis
Senior Vice President of Procurement

Elmer brings 25+ years of contracted food service management experience to his role at SFE. He is an expert in purchasing and procurement, specifically in negotiating and managing distribution contracts, manufacturer contracts, national milk and bread contracts, fleet management, and more.

Elmer brings extensive experience in vendor partnerships. Prior to joining SFE, Elmer worked as a Product Manager at Valley Services, Inc. and was ultimately promoted to Executive Vice President of Procurement. In 2015, Valley Services, Inc. was acquired by Elior North America. Elmer continued to share his expertise as Vice President of Procurement for Elior.

Elmer joined the SFE team in 2023 as the Senior Vice President of Procurement. Elmer and the procurement team lead the effort in solidifying competitive distributor contracts to ensure districts receive the best possible quality and cost. He has extensive experience in vendor partnerships, financial metric development, and contract execution.