The Humane Society of the United States recently released the results of a year-long audit conducted of roughly 100 major food companies. (3/10/2020) The purpose of the survey was to gauge company progress toward humane animal husbandry practices.

The survey covered three pressing concerns in the food supply industry: Hens confined in cages, pigs confined in gestation crates and chickens suffering in poultry production. It also included a question about plant-based options, since diversifying protein in the food industry reduces the demand for factory-farmed products.

The HSUS awarded SFE an “A” rating for its humane animal practices, ranking it among the top 5 of its 100 audited food companies in its “Food Industry Scorecard”.   In fact, SFE was the only foodservice contract management company that rated an “A”.  (For full report rankings, see:

The HSUS noted:

 SFE’s dedication to lead with plant-based recipes and education programs. Since 2015, 20% of menu items served within SFE district programs have been plant-based—and, since 2019, this percentage has risen to over 30%. In addition, SFE has worked to develop strategic partnerships with plant-based food vendors, identifying additional menu items with Non-GMO protein sources. The development of high-appeal plant-based meals has been largely directed by feedback from students through our sampling and taste panel programs.  We are very proud of the close partnership we have with our students, and we act upon the guidance they provide to formulate our menus.

 SFE’s meaningful policy to reform its poultry supply chain, becoming 100% cage-free by the end of 2021/22 school year and adhering to HSUS poultry care guidelines.

 SFE’s policy to egg sourcing: Today, a significant portion of SFE’s sourced eggs are cage-free.  SFE’s goal is that 100% of the company’s sourced eggs will be cage-free by end of the 2020/21 school year.

 Humane Society of United States “Food Industry Scorecard” (3/10/2020)