Leadership Team
Jamie Hilt, CPO (Chief People Officer)

Jamie Hilt, BS, MSM
Chief People Officer

Jamie Hilt brings over twenty years of leadership in business/retail/and HR. Since joining SFE, she has improved talent development for our leaders and has introduced a succession planning process to position SFE for success as its growth has accelerated.

Jamie is passionate about keeping SFE 100% compliant to government rules and regulations, as well as about instilling this mindset into our company culture. Along with helping to improve company processes and policies to support team effectiveness and engagement, she is focused on maintaining the highest degree of discretion in dealing with employee issues. She prides herself on her emotional intelligence, her customer service, her action-oriented approach, and her ability to strategically partner with Senior Leadership to accomplish company goals.

Jamie and her team of highly competent Payroll and Benefits analysts continue to build competitive compensation packages, as well as strategic benefits packages for new and existing SFE employees. She has implemented an improved recruiting process to help support our ever-growing needs for high level, competent leadership in our school programs.

As Chief People Officer, Jamie is committed to fostering a healthy culture of engagement, as well as to building HR resources to ensure a smooth district transition and ongoing program.